When growing up you may believe that you must follow a certain standard to make a living. Afterall, this is what society has taught us. Society has deemed that if you go to college, get a degree, you are best set up to make a decent living. Doing this route is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but there are other routes worth finding your interest in.

If you believe that you have hit a roadblock, read “Getting picked,” by Seth Godin. This read shows opportunitism and how to obtain it. It shows you the way to go past your normal goals and reach your destiny. The main idea of “Getting picked” is to not let society norms force you out of your destiny. Sometimes people become a blind victim to this. But isn’t this how you grew up? You allowed that your only option was to go to college, or you were forced to follow a common standard that follows the guideline of being accepted. It is easy to become a blind victim because it happens to everyone.

In reality, there are people who are able to set their own standards that are not affected by outside factors. These people do not take “no” for an answer, or if they are presented with a “no,” they find a way to bypass this “no.” It is a new way of becoming successful. And in the end, don’t you determine your success?